My Evolution As A Feminist: Living MY Dream

As a feminist, I am always interested in pursuing opportunities to learn more about women’s rights. When I stumbled upon, I knew I had found the perfect place to gain more knowledge about feminism and use my new understanding to create environments in which women can grow personally and professionally. I am very excited about volunteering for this organization. I look forward to being a part of the movement and its purpose of advancing the rights of women.

While impressed with for numerous reasons, I am particularly drawn to the organization’s use of infographics to increase awareness of women’s issues. For example, one infographic provides readers with four important statistics on prostitution in a simple, easily digestible format. By sharing this infographic through social media channels like Twitter, I can help other people quickly grasp the depth and scope of the problems many prostitutes face in a culture where women are often perceived as commodities who can be bought and sold.

Another part of that I love is the positive outlook. Social factors such as prostitution, sex trafficking, and domestic violence can have a profoundly negative impact on women. Yet maintains a positive approach and provides women with the tools necessary to turn their lives around.

From a book containing messages of encouragement for a rape survivor to providing information about scholarship opportunities, is committed to addressing individual loss and lack with support systems and economic resources that will lead to triumph over trials. This commitment to helping women move forward and do great things with their lives parallels my personal passion for helping women gain the independence necessary to live fully and freely.

My own passion for feminism developed in college. During this era in my life, I became more conscious of the unique issues that women face in today’s world such as rape, pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking, and the gender-based wage gap. In discussing these issues with my friends, I was devastated to learn that most of the women in my life had been sexually harassed or assaulted at some point in life.

Realizing the depth of personal pain and problems that patriarchal power can cause in a woman’s life, I was compelled to continue studying this issue. While studying is a chore for some, I feel most fulfilled and productive when I make my mind a library of knowledge that I can share with other women.

My deep passion for studying women’s issues led me to complete a research project on Marge Piercy’s “Rape Poem.” In so doing, I was disturbed to learn about the presence and power of rape cultures in contemporary societies. This consciousness-raising experience helped me grasp the unique ways that women respond to rape, as well as how blame-the-victim ideologies can negatively impact them.

As I move forward in my academic life, I plan to study which strategies have proven most effective in helping women heal. By gaining this knowledge and sharing it with feminist audiences, I hope to create a loving community marked by shared humanity and the mutual encouragement that leads to empowered living.

As 2017 gains momentum, I look forward to doing more and more work within the field of feminism. By working with, I know I can fulfill my purpose of creating a peaceful, progressive world in which women thrive.

jocelyncrawley-picJocelyn Crawley is a 32-year-old freelance writer who resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Feminism is her deepest passion and she is excited about partnering with other women’s rights advocates in the years to come. When she is not reading and writing on feminist topics, Jocelyn enjoys sipping coffee and improving her yoga practice.

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