Do Your Freakin’ Taxes

Tax Day is looming. This year April 15th falls on a Saturday, so we have until April 17th to file. But don’t wait until the last minute.

  1. Start sorting your paperwork early. Gather all your W-2s, 1099s, receipts, and anything else you’ll need.
  2. Don’t forget about credits and deductions! More $$ for you, baby.
  3. Every year check your W-4 and adjust it if your circumstances have changed, such as marriage, divorce, new children or children growing up.
  4. There are many online services or software packages to help you do your filing. If your taxes are complicated, you may want to invest in an accountant.
  5. Consider using a volunteer tax filing service like VITA, which is available in many places for people with incomes below $54,000. If you are over 60 there is another volunteer service called TCE. Information on both including a locator is available on the IRS website.


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