Tips for Survivors Seeking a Protective Order

Rebecca Shuflin is one of our past Live Your Dream Awards recipients. She’s a domestic violence survivor, mother of six, social worker, and Master of Social Work (MSW) Candidate. With her expertise and personal experience she helped us create this short video containing Tips for Survivors Seeking A Protective Order (restraining order) in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

I am finally able to give back to the community that once helped me.

Rebecca is undoubtedly one of the most hardworking, selfless women we have even met. Her own past hardships and experiences motivated her to pursue a career in social work with a legal perspective:

“I rebuilt my life from scratch. Literally. I had left with just a few backpacks and my beautiful children. I had been a stay at home mom for over ten years when I found myself homeless with no money and several children to raise on my own. After enduring heartache and stress while dealing with the court system, I secured a restraining order and sole custody of my children. I wasn’t able to get my belongings back or any child support but we had each other…

tips-rebecca“I find it very empowering to work with homeless families who have endured great hardship. They work hard to pull their lives back together so that they can get back on their feet again. These families represent my own family and what we once went through. Helping these families has helped my own growth process immensely. I feel that I am finally able to give back to the community that once helped me.”

Needless to say, Rebecca is one very busy lady. A master’s program, career in social work, and single motherhood? We don’t know how she does it! Yet when we reached out to her about helping us with a special Domestic Violence Awareness Month project, Rebecca was more than willing to share her experience. She is a true testament to the ripple effect of women helping women!

In the words of one of her past supervisors: “Rebecca will be a true light of hope to all she works with.” Watch the video to see how bright this light shines.

6 thoughts on “Tips for Survivors Seeking a Protective Order

  1. I would really appreciate any advice I can get…it’s a long story but I am terrified of my ex best friends husband. He has made it known that he wants mine and his relationship to be more but I refused…which lead to some nightmare-ish events for me. Two weeks ago he physically hurt me…I called the police while running from him. I have no idea what happened the police never called me back. I have pictures of what happened to me and now I have texts and Facebook posts that I’m saving to protect myself…he has tried to force himself on me sexually but I fought him off….hunter is not a family member…so can I not get a restraining order? I just want to be safe and I’m not sure where to go from here besides cut off all contact…I just hope I’m doing enough….because this is a very short version of events sadly

  2. You can get a civil restraining order Angie. Contact your local victim witness program or domestic violence shelter for further assistance. Don’t hesitate to file a protection order, if it gets turned down the first time it starts the paper trail…they are so important. My first restraining order was denied by a judge. When my ex showed up and harmed me again I was able to go to court with my original order plus the new information. Don’t give up, stay safe, & tell someone close to you so that someone is aware of what is going on. All the best..

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