Live Your Dream Awards Stories: Lauren

“This grant could literally change my life as I know it.”

Since she was just 13 years old, Lauren has waitressed to help her family get by. Now as an adult, she takes care of her younger brother and her mother, who is terribly ill.

Lauren’s dream has always been to become a high school history teacher—the teachers she had in high school were hugely inspirational for her and guided her through to college. She wants be able to pay that gift forward.

“My goal is to one day have a classroom of my own and to be of service to my students in the ways in which it was done for me.”

Lauren is determined to get closer to her dream, but the path has been exhausting and full of obstacles.

“I work [12 hours shifts] five days a week, and the other two days I schedule all of my classes. This leaves me barely enough time to ensure that rent is paid, medical needs are met, books, tuition, and other living expenses are procured.”

“This last year has been particularly difficult as I lost two family members. While my family was picking up the pieces I got hurt at work, which caused me to miss almost three months of work. I depleted my entire savings account to keep our heads above water while still going to school.”

Lauren was top among five women selected to receive the 2nd level Live Your Dream Awards. She received a total of $6,000, which will help her focus on her studies so she can work less and graduate faster.

Lauren is lucky to be surrounded by a supportive family that wants the best for her. One of her goals in completing her degree is to be able to better support them too, including getting her mother the medical attention she desperately needs.

“Completing college will make me the first woman in my family to obtain a degree, and I know that those whom I have lost would be pushing me to do the very best I can.”

“I want to become someone who helps people achieve their dreams and who helps kids see their potential. While the women in my family line may not have had degrees, they were self-educated and hugely influential in my life. I want to show any woman that where she comes from doesn’t dictate her future. There is hope in any circumstance, and by becoming a teacher I hope to illuminate this philosophy to all my students.”

Lauren was selected by volunteer judges to receive a $1,000 first level and $5,000 second level Live Your Dream Awards.

About the Live Your Dream Awards

The Live Your Dream Awards provide over $2 million in education grants to about 1,500 women each year. Since 1972, the program has helped tens of thousands of women achieve social and economic empowerment through education.


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