Gift Ideas for Every Inspirational Woman in your Life

This year has been a rather difficult one for most people, and now the holidays are here. While we start to celebrate the holiday season in a safe way, many of us may want to give our loved ones a gift to remind them just how wonderful they are – specifically for that inspirational woman in our life. So, here’s a list of gift ideas to help inspire you to find the perfect gift!

For the Activist:

This year has been a whirlwind of empowerment and activism, and not just for women alone. The passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was devastating for many people, but it also encourages others to fight for women’s rights. has a variety of jewelry and pins designed after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s collars that she would don while in court. These earrings would be a perfect gift for any women’s rights activist. $19.95 – Buy it here

For the Artist:

There are so many creative and artistic people in the world, and I’m sure most of us know at least one of them. Imagine Out Loud: A Journal of Creative Discovery, written by Jane Davenport, encourages artists to go on a journey of self-discovery through journaling. It also aims to spark creativity, which is an artist’s best friend! $16.95 – Buy it here.

For the Reader:

One way to broaden your horizons on the world is by reading. You can learn so much from a variety of different books, and it can really change your perspective on the world. That’s why, this holiday season, consider gifting a well thought out book to your best friend or mother that loves to read. Braving the Wilderness, written by Brené Brown, combines science with impeccable writing to encourage the reader to find a sense of belonging in their everyday life. $8.99 – Buy it here.

For the Nature Lover:

For any plant and nature lovers in your life, why not gift them a planter to hold some of their favorite small plants in? The Pink Planter not only offers an adorable set of three pink planters, but they also provide counsel and coaching to women that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. 100% of each donation from the planters goes to the continuation of The Pink Planter’s Mission. $34.99 – Buy it here

For the Chef:

Who doesn’t love food? There are so many amazing and delicious recipes out there, so why not gift this digital cookbook for a cause! With Family Meal: Recipes from Our Community, the recipient of this gift will get to enjoy some incredibly new meals, while all of the proceeds from each cook book purchased go to Restaurant Workers’ Covid-19 Relief Fund. This fund aims to help restaurant workers that were directly affected by the shutting down of restaurants across the United States. $5.99 – Buy it here.

For the Athlete:

What if I told you, you could give an amazing gift to the athlete in your life that also provides clean water to a person in need. Well, here it is: Introducing the Cupanion Bottle! Each time it is refilled, it provides clean water to someone that needs it through the Fill It Forward campaign. This campaign has already provided more than three-million cups of water to those in need. $14.95 – Buy it here.

For the Crafter:

For those that like to create things by hand, there are many different gift options! There’s knitting, sewing, and even jewelry making. Perhaps an embroidery kit would be a perfect gift for a crafter who has never tried embroidering before. This kit comes with everything you could possibly need to get your head start on learning to embroider and to get your creativity flowing. $15.99 – Buy it here.

For the Technophile:

With how much time we have had on our hands the last several months, there was most likely an increase in the amount of time people are sitting in front of the television or computer playing video games. Unfortunately, spending too much time in front of the screen can be damaging to your eyes! To help your gamer friend protect their eyes, get them a pair of blue light blocking glasses. With an almost 5-star rating, these glasses come in different colors and aim to protect your eyes from the UV rays that cause fatigue. $16.99 – Buy it here.

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No matter what type of women or girls you have in your life, the holidays are a perfect time to honor and support who she is. Let’s empower all the women in our lives and encourage them to live their dreams.

After earning her master’s degree in forensic psychology, Kara Miller is enthusiastic about exploring other industries that bring out her creative side. She wishes to help inspire people with her writing Outside of writing in her free time, she also enjoys playing video games, reading, and sewing.

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