How Does Sex Trafficking Happen?

You may think that human trafficking happens somewhere far away and to people much different from yourself. But the truth is: human trafficking exists in every country in the world, and possibly even in your hometown.

In the United States, sex trafficking of women and girls is unfortunately common.

How does sex trafficking happen?

This video was created by MetroEast in partnership with Northwest Family Services to raise awareness in their community during Human Trafficking Awareness Month (January). Their local community is in close proximity to the Interstate 5 Corridor, which runs from Southern California, through Oregon and Washington, to Canada, and is a prime spot for predators to find their victims to groom for the sex trafficking trade.

As explained in the video, predators often manipulate and deceive victims.

Her trafficker told us that he was her boyfriend. He went to church with us. But behind closed doors, he was selling her.

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