New Year, New You – Draw your dreams into reality!

The New Year is here, so why not step into the “new you” that you’ve been dreaming about? Goals like getting in better shape or starting a business aren’t as difficult to achieve as you think. In fact, they’re only a picturing process away.

Drawing Soultions: How

Goal-setting often stalls because we have so much data filling our brain that it gets overloaded and can’t remember what to focus on, but when you DRAW a picture of what you desire, you remember it better by 65%!

Add into your success quotient the chemistry your body makes when you are imagining and drawing—that serotonin/oxytocin elixir helps guide that pattern-making brain of yours into focusing on what you want.

But don’t just take my word for it—try it yourself!

  1. On the left side of a blank page write and draw the current state of your life—all the good, the challenging, everything. Not as a list though, because list making gets your left-brain involved, and that makes for routine, not creativity.
  2. Next, keep the analytical left side of your brain calm by telling it you are about to use your imagination…and envision it is one-year from today IN THE BEST CASE SCENARIO. In that desired new reality, imagine that perfect job or fantastic relationship. What is your life like? As fast as you can, write and draw that new life on the right side of the page. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between real and imaginary, so it’s important to dream big!
  3. Assess both where you are now, and where you want to be. Close your eyes and ask that deeper you, “What are the three boldest things I can do to get from here to there?” Then immediately write down your thoughts because great insights only last 30 seconds unless you capture them!
  4. Finally, break those big bold steps down into simple actions—and do something every day to actualize them. Place your drawing in a VISIBLE spot and consistently daydream pieces of it to stay inspired. You’ll be surprised how quickly you turn your vision into reality—it’s only a picture away.

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Patti Dobrowolski of Up Your Creative Genius is an internationally recognized strategic illustrator and keynote speaker, critically acclaimed comic performer, writer and business consultant.  Her innovative visual practices have transformed NGOs, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and individuals around the world. Known for her high energy, quick wit and commitment to helping people and businesses achieve their goals; she lives in the rainforest of Portlandia, OR.

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