What Inspires Me to Take Action

Opportunity for girls through education is unbelievably important to me. I am proud to be an educated young woman in today’s society where I can stand on my own two feet, be independent, and voice my own opinions.

Education has given me so much awareness, not just of my surroundings, but also of myself. It has helped me see that I can do anything I want to do if I put my mind to it and believe in my own capabilities, and that my gender has no bearing on how much I can achieve.

Gender is insignificant when measuring the capacity of your success. Ultimately, girls are all beings with goals and ambitions, determined to get the best education we can for ourselves. Education helps us to grow as people and formulate who we are, our personality, our interests, and what we want our futures to be.

What inspires me take action to support women’s education is that I am aware that being in a first-world country affords me many opportunities. Here, education is compulsory for all genders, and women are able to pursue all the same careers as men. We are a fortunate country, where we are slightly closer to egalitarianism.

However, this is not the case for third-world countries, where girls are socialised into being nothing beyond homemakers. Women’s primary purpose in life is seen as domestic work and child-rearing. Most women are not given the choice if they would like to be more career-driven.

Failing to educate girls has potentially prevented many would-be successful and prosperous women from realizing their goals, fulfilling their career dreams, or making extraordinary breakthroughs. 

I’m writing a message to you in the hope that you will pledge to help women access opportunity through education, just as I have done today. To make a difference, it takes as many as there are of us.

From one woman to another, we must inspire and support each other to help each woman grow and prosper. We are women, and we are worthy of an education that proves to ourselves more than anybody that we can succeed!

Arveen is a young blogger from London who enjoys writing poetry, playing violin, and motivating others to overcome life challenges. She lives by the mantra: Once in a while, blow your own mind. Define success on your own merit, achieve it on your own rules and build a life you are proud of and empowered by.

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  1. Education gives you much awareness in your life which can make you strong to take good decisions in your life. In the case of single mothers, it can inspire a lot.

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