20 Reasons Why I Love Girl Power

Life is all about perspective and the feelings and thoughts you choose to let into your life.

When I think about today’s girls and young ladies, I wonder, how do they feel and think about themselves? Girls today certainly face unique challenges to their development and success.

Carletta S. Hurt

However, I have witnessed time and time again that girls can accomplish anything when they choose a perspective of empowerment.

So, a couple years ago I started listing all the wonderful things that make girls powerful. That’s how I came up with 20 Reasons Why I Love Girl Power (and you should too), my new book that captures 20 reasons girls are amazing and why we must take time to celebrate, encourage and uplift them.

The book started in 2015, developed into a movement in 2016 and now is coming to a screen near you as a documentary. What a journey!

Although there are way more than 20 words to describe girl power, my goal is to start with 20 words as a way to begin sharing those stories so that more girls will embrace their power.

My favorite girl power quote right now is from former First Lady Michelle Obama, who says:

We should always have three friends in our lives. One who walks ahead who we look up to and follow; one who walks beside us, who is with us every step of our journey; and then, one who we reach back for and bring along after we’ve cleared the way.

This quote is exactly what girls are – resourceful (following those who can help and empower us), friendly (joining us in this thing called life), and caring (making sure we make room for others).

Michelle Obama’s quote reminds us that it’s important to surround ourselves with people who help us claim our own power, and inspire us to share our power with others.

Do you love girl power? Are you a girl (ages 12-22) that has a special girl power definition or story to share?

If your answer is YES, then we want you! Please send your submission to girlpowermovement@gmail.com. We are accepting photos, written pieces, and artwork/mixed media.

You can learn more about the book, the upcoming documentary, and me by visiting www.carlettashurt.com.

Believe in Your Power – I Do!

Carletta S. Hurt
is a teacher, counselor, and youth advocate who understands “it takes a village to raise a child.” Her nonprofit/community work includes program director for I Have A Dream – AD Williams and the Shandon Anderson Foundation. Carletta is also a dedicated K-20 educator currently working as a School Counselor at a public charter school in Washington. Carletta was named the 2016 DC School Counselor of the Year (SCOY) and in January of 2016, along with other SCOY finalists, attended a White House gala with Michelle Obama for her formal recognition. Her youth development company, IN THE LOOP Program of Success, provides ongoing, engaging programs to empower, educate and elevate young people.

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