Dear Survivors, We Are With You.

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Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos today revoked an Obama-era policy that protected victims of campus sexual assault. Citing the rationale that too many students had been falsely charged with sexual assault, she withdrew the Title IX guidance that was established to help hold institutions accountable for responding to allegations. Many women’s groups have raised objections to DeVos’s decision, citing it as an absolute betrayal of sexual assault victims.

In light of these events, we want to extend our love to all the women struggling with today’s news.

We are with you. We know how frightening it feels. But this is not the end.

Together we will make sure that victims are cared for, that they know they are worthy of love and respect and justice. We will continue to strive toward a world without violence against women. We will stand tall and speak the truth. We will be strong for ourselves and for one another.

You are not alone.


2 thoughts on “Dear Survivors, We Are With You.

  1. Posts like this are even more of a reminder of how how much I appreciate, and how lucky I feel to be writing for this amazing organization. I’m such a fan of the work contributed by the other women on the team!

    – Ashley

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