The Power of Dream It, Be It: Shaping Lives, Strengthening Futures

There is no limit to what girls can achieve with encouragement and positive role models. That is the heart of Dream It, Be It. Our members play such an essential role in helping girls uncover the strength to persevere down the path toward living their dreams. One such girl is Nourhan.

Nourhan has big dreams. Her heart is set on becoming a doctor, specifically a gynecologist. 

“I’m really interested in women’s issues, and I know there’s still a lot to do in terms of advancing women’s rights, particularly with healthcare and women,” says Nourhan. “I want to be a change in that field.” 

While Nourhan has strong ambitions, like many teens, she has also experienced increased levels of anxiety and perfectionism, measuring herself against unrealistic standards. According to the American Psychological Association, Nourhan is not alone. Teens reported worse mental health and higher levels of anxiety and depression than all other age groups. 

“Countless obstacles are facing young girls,” says Jaclyn Schrauger, Program Director, “Our global program, Dream It, Be It, is designed to help them become more confident and successful by providing them with role models, career education, and other resources to help them navigate those obstacles and live their dreams.”

It was through a Dream It, Be It event hosted by clubs SI/London and SI/Grand Erie in Canada that Nourhan found the encouragement she needed to develop her strengths and see she was not alone. 

Dream It, Be It really helped me. Last year, mentally, I wasn’t doing that well, and I struggled with confidence and felt lesser than my classmates,” recalls Nourhan. “Hearing how the Soroptimist speakers had overcome their own barriers gave me hope that I can do what I want in the future, too.” 

Nourhan was recently selected for a volunteer research position where she is working towards rewriting the sexual education curriculum with a specific focus on menstruation for elementary schools. Her goal was to provide information while also encouraging girls to feel empowered by their bodies and not view menstruation as a disadvantage. 

“I don’t know where I will wind up, but I do know that I want to continue to help those who experience difficulty in society due to their identity or their situation and make healthcare more available and inclusive for them,” she says. “I’m more determined than ever to get there.”

Dream It, Be It helps thousands of girls, like Nourhan, find their path forward. Yet, this life-changing program would not be possible without your support. Please consider giving a gift today to help more teen girls uncover the strength they need to live their dreams. 

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