Pose like Wonder Woman to Ace Your Job Interview

Our gut reaction while waiting for a job interview may be to hunch over our cell phones or to peruse our notes.

Little did we know that this body language—hunching over, closing our arms, collapsing into ourselves—actually reduces our confidence. It makes sense that by looking small, we tend to feel small.

Harvard Professor Amy Cuddy has found that adopting high power poses, such as standing with your hands on your hips (think superwoman), or stretching out your limbs above your head (think starfish),  can actually change body chemistry and make people feel more confident.

If you feel confident, your strong, passionate self will shine during the interview.

So before your next job interview, take 2 minutes at home, in the bathroom, or anywhere private, to stand in your favorite power pose. You will actually feel more confident and knock their socks off at that interview! Watch Amy’s TED Talk for more information about the power of body language. 

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