6 Websites for the Career-Minded Woman

websites for career minded woman

This blog post is a continuation of career-oriented resources for women looking for support in their professional lives. The first blog post I wrote on this topic was 5 Podcasts for the Career-Minded Woman, so make sure to check that one out too! Today we’re focusing on websites that can serve as a great resource.

The websites below have become some of my favorites of all time. They are all chock full of resources, supportive women, and advice on almost every topic. Make sure to follow them on social media as well to extend the support into your daily life!

5 Websites to Visit for Career Advice

Career Contessa

Have no idea what you want to do? Looking for a new job? Trying to advance in the job you have now? This website covers it in a sleek, appealing way. Webinars, downloadable resources, resume revamps, job postings, and more await you on Career Contessa. If you need additional one-on-one support, you can hire a mentor that meets your needs through their site! Career Contessa was founded by Lauren McGoodwin, who can serve as a great inspiration for women everywhere. (I know I’m totally inspired by her journey!)

Classy Career Girl

Anna Runyan is on a mission to help thousands of women launch their dream careers — whether it’s finding the perfect job or starting a business. She emphasizes that in order to excel in your career, you need to reflect inward and be sure about what your goals are; and Classy Career Girl has the resources you need to do that! The website has over 2,000 articles to choose from, so almost any topic you need feedback on can probably be found here.Anna is also super responsive, which is impressive considering she’s running her own company. But it just shows that she’s committed to helping the women that reach out to her for help. (There’s also a Classy Career Girl podcast you can check out, to get Anna’s advice on the go.)

The Muse

The Muse is one of the first websites I discovered that really has it all. You can learn more about interesting companies around the world, see the various jobs they have available, read career advice regarding any challenge you may face, and lastly hire a coach if you need one. This website is perfect for someone who really wants to dive in and get to know a company before they apply there. There are so many interesting places listed on The Muse, you never know what you’re going to find!


While this website isn’t exactly related to careers, it can really help you build up some amazing experience for your resume. This website is full of nonprofits that could really use assistance in a variety of aspects; really whatever you’re interested in! For example — if you’re trying to build your experience in social media, but all the internships you’ve applied for are extremely competitive, there’s a nonprofit out there looking for your help! One of the best parts is, not all these opportunities need to be done in person. To learn more about virtual volunteering, check out my blog post on this very topic.


CareerVillage can serve two purposes — if you’re someone looking for advice, you can post any question that’s on your mind, and professionals will come through and give you direct feedback. Or, if your passion is helping others with their career journeys, register as a professional and provide as much feedback as you’d like! People from all walks of live, all around the world, at different phases in their careers are active on this website, so you benefit from unique perspectives. Think of it like Yahoo Answers, but specifically for questions regarding your academic and career journeys.

Live Your Dream

How could I not highlight the benefits of this supportive Live Your Dream community? If you’re looking for an uplifting web of women who aim to empower others, you’ve found the perfect place. From blog posts about career resources, to the Dream It, Be It Program, to the daily motivational posts on social media — there’s always something on Live Your Dream that can inspire you to move forward with your career or academic journey.


So if you ever feel stuck or lost, have no fear. There are so many online resources just waiting for you. Do you have a go-to website for career resources that’s not listed here? Comment below!

Erin Ford is a public relations account executive and has been blogging for many years. While attending Penn State, she discovered a love for Women’s Studies, which she found empowering and illuminating, and graduated with a minor in the subject. Since then, she finds fulfillment in speaking up about issues impacting women and girls, and believes that through honest conversations everyone can be empowered to do the same.

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