Fall in Love with Yourself

When you hear the term “fall in love” more than likely you think of relationships and significant others. But why not fall in love with yourself? Being able to fall in love with yourself should always be the number one priority when taking a bright step towards self-love and mental health. 

Self Care

Whether it’s enjoying your favorite cup of coffee or having a spa day for yourself, self care is so crucial to having a happy life! 2020 and COVID-19 really kicked everyone down, so why not stop for a second and take some time to focus on yourself?

Self care isn’t about money or judgment, but rather wanting to improve yourself and making yourself feel better.  Some of my favorite ways to focus on myself include yoga and roller skating. Yoga or meditation are so great to be able to process things that are on your mind and just let yourself go from the world for a bit.

Self care doesn’t only have to mean making an appointment for yourself (though therapy might be your answer!) but rather stopping and doing something that truly will benefit you. 

Self Esteem 

Mental health and how you view yourself is no joke. It’s important to take a moment for yourself and realize you are good enough. Influencers on social media can play such a large part in teens’ and young adults’ self esteem and mental health. You are viewing someone who is held at a certain standard of societal beauty, it can become a thing in your mind that if you don’t look like or act like that you are not enough. I myself have been in the situation, but let me tell you something. Just because social media plays a trick on your mind doesn’t mean you should judge yourself based on other people!

I find it’s so important to be able to look at someone and find good qualities about them and then look at yourself and be able to find just as many. Be different, be you and enjoy it. 

Self Love

 Self love sounds a lot easier than it is. But if one of your friends talked trash on themselves, you would fight back, wouldn’t you? So why do it to yourself? Self love is a mental love. Talk to yourself with words of love. Trust yourself. Listen to your body. Set boundaries. Be nice to you.

Being able to look at yourself in the mirror and only having loving words to say can be HARD. Liveyourdream.org is so helpful when it comes to being able to find ways to love yourself and great words of wisdom. But if you are only saying negative things to yourself, how could that make you feel better?  Put your phone down and take a break! You deserve it!

Forgive yourself for making things harder, because I promise you have nothing to be sorry for.

Taylor is an inspiring writer and women’s advocate fighter. When she isn’t creating content, she spends most of her free time roller skating, playing video games, reading, or hanging out with her dog in her home, St. Louis.

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