This Holiday Season Create Miracles For Women Like Rochelle 

Having the time and financial freedom to shop for gifts, bake cookies, and decorate the house are holiday activities many take for granted. But all the joys of the holiday season can be stressful when even the most fundamental needs still need to be met. 

A Single Mom Like Rochelle 

Growing up in the Philippines, Rochelle and her family faced a constant struggle against poverty. The eldest child, Rochelle had to care for her three younger siblings while her mother worked abroad. Between elementary and high school she was forced to put a hold on her own schooling due to financial constraints. Rochelle also endured sexual violence at the hands of her father. 

Determined not to let her past define her future, Rochelle kept chasing her lifelong dream of becoming a teacher so she could provide for her daughter and younger siblings. When she applied for the Live Your Dream Awards, she hoped she could obtain support for her education and for her family’s basic needs.

An Award Recipient’s Wish List

In addition to her own dreams, Rochelle’s wish list included fundamentals some may take for granted:

  • Having enough food for her family to eat
  • Living in a nice home that doesn’t flood when it rains
  • Sleeping in comfortable beds 
  • Her child and siblings having access to quality education

This wish list is not unlike those of other recipients. When you’re shopping this holiday season, consider adding the Live Your Dream Awards to your gift list. You can help create miracles for single moms like Rochelle who often struggle to have their bare necessities met. Providing access to education gives women the help they need to overcome obstacles like poverty, domestic and sexual violence, and addiction. 

Your gift of $100, $50, or even $10 today will help these women follow their education dreams and create a brighter future.

With the help of our Live Your Dream Awards, women can achieve economic empowerment. The award money can ease financial burdens such as paying for tuition, putting gas in the car, paying utility bills, hiring childcare, and feeding the family. These women, who are the primary wage earners for their households, have overcome enormous obstacles and know that education is the best way to combat poverty and create a better life for themselves and their families. Join us in helping to make their dreams come true.