Choose LiveYourDream.Org for Giving Tuesday

Tomorrow, people worldwide will come together to support the causes that matter most to them. We can’t thank our LiveYourDream.Org supporters enough for all the generosity you’ve shown over the years. We again invite you to make us your charity of choice this Giving Tuesday!

Together, we can help more women like Emily. When Emily found out her daughter had been diagnosed with a condition that needed immuno-suppressive therapy, she felt the walls closing in. Emily had just lost her primary source of income—she’d been a restaurant worker for over 15 years, but COVID’s risks and her daughter’s health forced her to give that up. As a single mom, she needed to figure something out, quickly. 

Though she’d always loved law, Emily initially dismissed that dream. “I thought I was going to have to wait until my kiddo graduated before I could go back to school.” But after learning there were options for students like her, Emily took the leap. In 2021, Emily received a call to let her know she was the recipient of a Live Your Dream Award. And just like that, Emily bounded down the path toward her dreams.

This Giving Tuesday, LiveYourDream.Org is striving to raise $10,000 to give more women like Emily the opportunity to chase after their dreams. 

LiveYourDream.Org has set a modest goal to increase the awards to help ten additional women. If we can raise $10,000 this Giving Tuesday, that will fund ten additional $1,000 awards! Can we count on you to help us reach this goal?

When you contribute to Giving Tuesday, you’ll be doing more than just donating—your kindness will make it possible for women to access the education and training they need to reach their full potential in life.

Together, we can make Giving Tuesday 2023 a day of transformation. Every donation, every fundraiser, every monthly gift pledge—no matter the size—makes a difference. We are grateful for your generosity!

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