7 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month

March 8 is International Women’s Day and March is Women’s History Month—which means lots of opportunities to celebrate women’s contributions to history, culture, and society. As Soroptimists, you give so much to the women and girls we serve, dedicating your time, mentorship, and gifts. Wondering how you can celebrate this month? We’ve got you covered with 8 excellent ideas.

1. Join the Walk for Women

Step into empowerment with the Walk for Women event, happening all throughout March! Lace-up your sneakers and move for a mission as we honor the strength and spirit of women everywhere. This is a fun way to engage your fellow members, organize a community walk and talk, or start a fundraiser challenge. Don’t forget to share your “Why I Walk” story on social media using #WhyIWalk and explore more ways to get involved at the Walk for Women website.

2. Participate in Special Events

  • March 7 @ 8 p.m. (ET) | International Women’s Day Tea Party Soroptimist International of the Americas is once again hosting a virtual tea party to celebrate International Women’s Day! Please join us for a global celebration!
  • March 19 @ 8 p.m. (ET) | SIA CSW NGO Parallel Event Learn how SIA members have kept our commitment to investing in education and economic empowerment for women and girls since our founding to today, responding to local needs in our communities through our Dream Programs and other projects while utilizing technology.

3. Invest in Women

The UN’s theme for Women’s History Month 2024 is “Investing in Women: Accelerate Progress,” a theme that recognizes that we must invest more resources in supporting women in order to achieve gender equality and build healthy, just societies. Show your support and invest in women with a special donation to Soroptimist!

4. Be Aware of Issues Women Still Face Today

Although women have made progress, there are still areas where women face obstacles because of their gender. For example, women still earn less on average than men, carry the majority of household and childcare responsibilities, face workplace stigmas and double standards, and are under-represented in leadership, STEM careers, and politics. Plus, there’s domestic violence, sexual harassment, trafficking, and rape culture. Oh, and hiring bias, harmful beauty standards, and the pink tax. Not to mention unequal access to education and limited career opportunities. The list goes on and on, unfortunately—but together, we can create positive change!

5. Host an Event to Celebrate Women

An event is a fun way to acknowledge Women’s History Month and to build solidarity with other women. Invite your friends and allies. Make it positive and empowering! Some fun ideas to make the event special:

  • Watch movies or TV shows directed by women and with female leads
  • Listen to your favorite music by female artists (you could even organize a dinner and dance party!)
  • Have an impromptu fashion show
  • Decorate your space with empowering quotes by women, or art by women like Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keefe
  • Take a group hike with fellow women and strike up a conversation about what sisterhood means – then post your #WhyIWalk for the Walk for Women event!
  • Have a mini ceremony and give out awards to each of your gal pals to celebrate their resilience, compassion, and accomplishments
  • Organize a book club and read influential books by women

6. Support Women-Owned Businesses

Support women entrepreneurs and creators. Women-owned businesses are on the rise, but women still represent a minority of business owners. March is a perfect time to show your solidarity with these tenacious entrepreneurs and service providers. 

7. Spread Awareness on Social Media

An easy way to celebrate is to share articles, infographics, inspiring quotes, videos, and other women-centric content on your social media. Feel free to share any of the posts on our Facebook or Instagram.