The Empowerment Project: Extraordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things

Hello! My name is Sarah Moshman. My business partner and dear friend is Dana Michelle Cook and I started our own production company called Heartfelt Productions.

Our dream? To make documentaries that empower and inspire women. Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated with the camera. I started making documentaries when I was in high school and that passion has grown over the years as I entered the working world. I love this “Your Dream” blog because it encourages people to go after their dreams, and although I am doing just that, I love the concept that dreams change as you get older to match who you are becoming.

Over the years my love of documentary has been more focused into the category of female empowerment as I see that there isn’t enough positive content in the media for women today. Everywhere you look there is something that can be perceived negatively for a woman or a girl.

There is something really special that only women can give each other when they work together, talk to each other, and collaborate.

Your Dream - All Girl Film Crew for The Empowerment ProjectSo when I met Dana, and she felt the same way I did, we knew we had to work together and try to be a part of that shift. We created a series called “The Empowerment Project: Extraordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things” which in essence is Dana and I following our purest dream: to meet and interview strong women across the country and film the entire series with an all female film crew.

We want to create strong role models for girls and women everywhere and we want to bridge the gap between successful career women and girls that are starting out and trying to find their path. We will have a 10 part series at the end of it and a cross-country journey with our all girl crew to reflect on for the rest of our lives.

I didn’t have this exact dream when I was growing up, but now that it’s here it is the biggest dream I could have ever had and we are working towards achieving it every day. When you want something bad enough, no amount of time or effort is too much to make it happen. Want to learn more? Click here!

Sarah Moshman is originally from Evanston, IL outside of Chicago and is a documentary filmmaker, director and producer for Heartfelt Productions. She’s worked on “Dancing with the Stars” as a story assistant, then associate producer and field producer for other shows like “MADE” for MTV, “Minute to Win It” for NBC, “Rachael vs Guy Celebrity Cook Off” for the Food Network and “Top Chef Masters” for Bravo. She and her business partner and friend, Dana Michelle Cook, are passionate about making documentaries that empower women and girls.

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