Stressed Out? Try This Simple Breathing Technique ASAP

Some stress is a normal part of everyday life.

But chronic stress can be debilitating and lead to serious health issues. Plus, it’s just no fun!

Next time you’re stressed, try this simple breathing technique ASAP. It works by switching your body from sympathetic (“fight-or-flight”) mode to the parasympathetic (“rest-and-digest”) mode.

Alternate Nostril Breathing:

  1. Wherever you are, try your hardest to relax. Yes yes, easier said than done when you’re stressed! But take a deep breath and try to ease the tension in your shoulders.
  2. With your finger or knuckle, cover one of your nostrils (hint: knuckle works better if you’re in public and don’t want to look like you’re picking your nose!).
  3. Take a slow, deep breath in using the one uncovered nostril. Breathe in for ~8 seconds.
  4. Then, cover the other nostril (through which you just inhaled), and exhale through the nostril you were just covering. Again, exhale for ~8 seconds.
  5. Keep the same nostril covered and now breathe in through the nostril that you just used to exhale.
  6. Continue on for about 15 repetitions.


Sync your breath with this. Relax.
Sync your breath with this. Relax.

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