Lessons on Learning to Ask for Help

Most of us tend to not ask for help, even though we need it, because it feels like a sign of weakness. For a lot of us, asking for help gives off connotations of dependency, weakness and uncertainty—things that we do not want to be associated with.

However, the opposite is true; asking for help is a sign of strength, that we are not afraid to be helped. Self-sufficiency is all well and good, but it should never mean that we cannot turn to others for a helping hand. Dependency is as important as being able to be independent. There is a balance established in life, and that includes when it comes to help; sometimes we will not need it, but at others times, we will. We should be asking for more help, and not concealing our need for it.

It appears to me that the ability to be self-reliant is the key to success, and that asking for help would ultimately mean failure. There appears to be a stigma associated with asking for help, with things like appearing selfish and needy and perhaps revealing that we do not have our life on track after all. On the other hand, by hiding your need for help, you bottle up the burden within and you deprive others of the chance to be able to help you.

People want to help each other; compassion and empathy are the core foundations of human nature. We want to be able to have the opportunity to help others when they are in a spot of bother. We want to give our time, effort and advice to others in order to help them blossom.

People are better and stronger when they are together than people when they are all alone. Reluctance to let people into our problems constantly gets in the way of allowing ourselves to solve a problem. But the truth of the matter is, some problems are better solved together than alone. Nothing feels more reassuring than having the help and support of somebody that you turned to in a time of need. At the same time, asking for help creates a bond of trust and gives you room to grow.

We should not be afraid to ask for help because of this idea that it makes us look weak. We should realise that us needing help shows strength and modesty above all else, and that by asking for help, we can truly reach success. Reach out to others for their support, and know who you can count on. After all, other people really are the embodiment of joy and success. Being able to ask for help is a skill that is incredibly hard to practice, but it is the one skill that can make us better humans.

Most importantly, there is strength in needing help, and being human. As humans, we go through the motions together.

Arveen is a young blogger from London who enjoys writing poetry, playing violin, and motivating others to overcome life challenges. She lives by the mantra: Once in a while, blow your own mind. Define success on your own merit, achieve it on your own rules and build a life you are proud of and empowered by.

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