Live Your Dream Awards Stories: Cynthia

Cynthia Sinclair is a survivor in every sense of the word. Not only has she overcome enormous odds herself, but she supports and fights for other survivors as well. She’s truly an inspiration. 

Cynthia is a survivor of child abuse and domestic violence. Her journey has been harrowing at times, but she always held on to her dream to help others overcome. 

“My dream is to show as many people as possible that there is hope and healing on the other side of abuse,” Cynthia says. 

Many times she felt like this dream would never become a reality. Even when she was working as an advocate for survivors, she faced another setback because of a Lupus diagnosis and other health issues. For 20 years she held on to and worked towards her goals, and that’s when the Live Your Dream Awards came in. 

Cynthia was a Live Your Dream Award recipient, and because of the award she was able to fund a semester long study abroad project, which opened up a whole new world of opportunities for her. She graduated magna cum laude from Windward Community College and is now studying at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and focusing in communications.

That’s not all Cynthia has accomplished either! She is now a talk show host for her own show called “Finding Respect in the Chaos”, which can be found on This show is by and for survivors. Cynthia uses this new platform to create a safe place for survivors of abuse and violence to share their stories and find healing. She also gives space for advocates to share resources and offer support for women currently struggling through abusive situations.

“The Live Your Dream Award… has led to the realization of a 20 year long dream,” says Cynthia. 

About the Live Your Dream Awards

The Live Your Dream Awards provide over $2 million in education grants to about 1,500 women each year. Since 1972, the program has helped thousands of women achieve empowerment through education.

More than half of our awards recipients identify as survivors of domestic or sexual violence. Over 97% of those survivors report now living in a safe environment.


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