Determining Your Self-Worth

As a woman, knowing your worth is highly important, whether it’s within a workplace, relationship, or other aspect of life. There are many key measurements of self-worth that you can think of, but please take note that most of these things can’t actually gauge your true value.

Wondering what the signs are that you recognize your value? Read on to find out! I’ve listed some of them below.

You love yourself for who you are  

Self-love is the most common thing that comes to mind when we talk about self-worth, but let me ask you. When was the last time you felt proud of yourself? Are you pampering yourself after doing a job well done? 

Amidst failures, disappointments, and mistakes we make in our lives, it’s easy to feel underwhelmed. But if you recognize your worth, you’ll always cherish yourself! You won’t put as much weight  your appearance, your outlook of things, or even how small your achievements may be. What’s more, you’ll feel blessed with all things that you have right now.

You don’t compare yourself with other people

From time to time, it seems irresistible to compare yourself with others and to feel insecure. I understand because I tend to feel that I’m being left behind when I see my peers making huge advancements in life. However, did you know that according to a study measuring your self-worth based on external factors is unhealthy?

If you have a good grasp of your value, you don’t feel conscious about your shortcomings. Instead, you feel more motivated and tell yourself that you can achieve even bigger things. Knowing your worth means that you value your individuality and you’ll continue to work toward your own accomplishments without worrying about what your peers are doing.

You never settle for less

The choices we make in life are often dictated by our perceived self-worth. When choosing a partner or considering a job offer, do you ask yourself first if it’s worth your time and effort? It’s an important sign of knowing your worth. When you know what you deserve, you can make the best choices for you!

Honestly, it was only  recently when I finally recognized my worth. I used to settle on things that I knew I didn’t deserve. Moving forward, I realize that making better choices makes me feel happier and more satisfied. You deserve the best, and it’s important to make choices that reflect your tremendous value.

You have clear and ambitious goals for the future

Setting goals and making concrete plans are  also signs of knowing your worth. You recognize your strengths and abilities, and you create objectives that help you get closer to your goals. You’re also not afraid to explore new opportunities—applying for your dream job, joining a contest, and supporting a cause such as fighting against climate change or empowering women like you.

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Final Key Takeaways

Knowing your worth will not just make you feel great about yourself, but it will also help you break some of the restrictions that you unconsciously made for yourself. If you feel that you need to further develop your self-worth, there are many things you can do, and I know that you can get there in no time.

When you recognize your value, you can enjoy all the things that you truly deserve. It’s indeed one of the best gifts you can give to yourself!

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Irene Pagsolingan is a communication arts major from the Philippines. She has experience in Journalism, Copywriting, Blogging, Graphic Designing, and other fields. The idea of influencing other people with her writing makes Irene excited and dedicated to improving her skills. During her downtime, she’s fond of learning and exploring new things on the web. 

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