Self-Confidence Lessons for Working Women

How did you spend Women’s History Month this year? Whether you were celebrating by thanking strong and inspirational women around you, educating others or learning from empowering women in your life, we hope you used the opportunity to develop yourself and grow! To help women empower themselves to be courageous working professionals all year long, we gathered tips from successful females in business that are rooted in self-confidence. 

Research shows that there is a gap in confidence between men and women. Whether you think this gap is fact or fiction, we’re on a mission to remove any notions that discourage women from self-promotion, confidence and taking risks. To help readers feel confident moving into leadership roles in 2021 and beyond, we’ve sourced 7 lessons to help you grow self-confidence. Let’s get started!

1. Be Your Authentic Self

Elaine Welteroth, former Editor-and-Chief of Teen Vogue said in an interview that women need to push back on the messages that make them feel like they are not enough. She said to instead believe that you are capable even if you are a “work in progress.” Knowing that you are enough is not only a mindset needed for success but can inspire others to follow in your footsteps.

2. Look to a Mentor

Mentorship is critical as a young female professional. Mentors, especially other successful female mentors, can push you to seek out advancement and request the resources you need to be successful. Entrepreneur Liz Elting wrote, “Mentorship creates the opportunities that open more doors to more women, which just keeps the ball rolling.” When choosing a mentor, look for one who embodies confidence and can promote you and your accomplishments at the same time. 

3. Collaborate With Others

When possible, encourage collaboration within your team. Supporting other women’s ability to talk about their achievements without backlash helps increase a culture of confidence and openness. Liz Armbruester, Senior Vice President of Global Compliance at Avalara, echoed the importance of encouraging unity when she said, “Nothing is more destructive for a team than a leader who is unwilling to collaborate.”

4. Practice Vulnerability

Researcher in vulnerability Brené Brown says the only way humans can truly connect is to embrace their vulnerability. Connecting with colleagues can help you build stronger relationships as well as support systems at work. 

5. Be “Flawsome”

Women are more inclined to hold themselves to high expectations and be perfectionists. Perfectionism is considered to be “striving for flawlessness” but it can take a toll on women and discourage them from taking risks. Consultant, Dr. Margie Warrel advises women to rather “be flawsome” and show compassion for themselves. She writes in an article to “Embrace your humanity, own your fallibility and choose to show up fully, authentically.”

6. Understand How You Come Across

Cultivating self-awareness is important for leadership, as you begin to understand how you come across in different situations. By doing this we become more familiar with our own physical and verbal mannerisms and can protect ourselves from self-sabotaging behaviors such as doubt and lack of confidence. Film yourself giving a presentation or giving feedback to understand how you might be perceived by others.

7. Embrace Set-Backs

Encourage others on your team to have a growth mindset, which is a belief that the ability to learn is not fixed, and that it can change with effort. By having a growth mindset in the workplace, your company culture won’t fear making mistakes, as you will understand that every setback is a learning opportunity to grow and get better.
For more inspiration and insight from female leaders, the folks at Tommy John created a guide that highlights 7 self-confidence lessons for the working women. Explore their visual below!

Self-Confidence Lessons

Stacy Walden is a San Diego-based writer, covering topics around wellness and personal development. When she’s not writing, she enjoys traveling and practicing yoga.

2 thoughts on “Self-Confidence Lessons for Working Women

  1. Self-confidence is key for working women. Believe in yourself and know that you have the strength and capabilities to achieve your goals. Don’t let others bring you down or make you question yourself. You have what it takes to succeed!

  2. Dear, Stacy Walden

    I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the valuable content you’ve provided in your blog about self-confidence lessons for working women. As a working woman myself, I’ve struggled with self-confidence in the past, but your blog has provided me with practical tips and advice that have helped me tremendously.

    The lessons you’ve shared about embracing strengths and weaknesses, practicing self-care, learning from failure, taking risks, and surrounding oneself with positivity are all spot on. I’ve been incorporating these lessons into my life, and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my self-confidence and overall well-being.

    Your blog has been a great resource for me, and I’m sure it’s been helpful to many other working women as well. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and expertise with us. Keep up the great work!

    Francine Cruz

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