Ways to Kick-Start Your Week the Right Way

We all agree that we could be a bit more excited for Mondays. Here are some tips for you to help you kick-start your week in the best way possible.

If you talk about enjoying Monday, it feels that you’re talking against the norm. And to be honest, most of us hate Mondays just because we don’t want Sunday to go. But of course we are going to stay stuck dreading Mondays if we keep ourselves stuck in the trap of comparing the weekend to workweek.

For this week, I want you to try something new. First and foremost, stop comparing the weekend  to Monday and put it in a category all of its own. Give it a label and call it a new beginning.

On Monday most people tend to have more energy than any other day of the week. Just use that energy and try to create a momentum, and make the most of the entire week. All you need is some Monday motivation.

Here are 7 tips to start your week in the best way possible


To get the handle on the week, all you need is five minutes. Take a moment every Monday morning to get your workflow in order. Planning is very essential to your productivity. It gives you the guide map of where to go next.

Try to make a list of important dates, meetings and tasks in general you want to accomplish and remember. Designate all those activities to specific days. It does not have to become a very strict schedule, but just try it. Once you set a clear direction for your week, it makes the path straight and easier.


Usually, on Mondays, we have the most energy, but that can easily vanish with negative thoughts and emotions we develop, knowing that the weekend is over. It is good to mention that our energy levels are constantly changing based on the seasons. Make a list on Monday morning to understand how you are feeling. If you are feeling exhausted, plan your routine based on this, save your harder tasks when you are feeling full of energy. The more you work based on your energy, the more productive and happy you will be.


When it comes to the work style, try to develop it. Even though there is no right or wrong way to do it, you have to make sure to work effectively. And no matter how your work, honor your work. Regardless of how you usually work, in the morning or in the evening, in a quiet or noisy room, make sure to create your own space. Try working based on your energy. Do hard tasks when you are feeling most conscious. Avoid planning the tasks when you don’t feel you have the energy. 


Sometimes Monday feels hard because you are getting overwhelmed by the things that need to be accomplished. When working, you sometimes feel that you do not have enough time to do your daily tasks, but remember you should create a margin in your life. 


Wearing clothes that are comfortable and make you feel good, increases your confidence. So, if you are feeling that you have to bust that power that comes with clothes, today is your day. Starting your week with confidence will give you the momentum to make the most of your Monday – allowing you to move into the rest of the week.


We find it easy to stay hydrated during our work week. For the workaholics, this is the ‘normal’ routine. But, we feel a little lazy to stay hydrated on the weekend. So, if you are feeling inactive on Monday mornings, drink a glass of water. 


Life is flying at the speed of the light, and we are only remembering a tiny portion of it. From the thousands of thoughts that go through our minds every day, we can only remember like 50 of them. From those thoughts, 90% of them are negative thoughts. 

But, you have to make memories, even on Mondays. Invest in yourself. Read a good book, meet new friends or go to the gym. But, remember just live the moment and do something worth living for. Enjoy your life. Make memories – this is what you will remember the most. 

I am Juliane Burton and I am a professional personal life coach. I want to support individuals who are in transition to create long-term sustainable change in their lives.

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