10 Inspiring Quotes from Survivors

Live Your Dream is proud to have been able to get to know hundreds of survivors over the years. Through the Live Your Dream Awards we have been able to financially support some amazing women as they pursue their dreams.

Live Your Dream Award recipients have been generous enough to share their stories with us and continue to show us just how strong they are!

Here are 10 inspiring quotes from some of these incredible women who have overcome the odds and are living their dreams.

1. I know that if I put enough effort I can be and do anything I want… I hope my story can help others to know that we are not alone and there is always a way. A way in the middle of the confusion, pain and tears. – Sandra Franco

2. Because of… the support and belief in me… it helped push me at times when I felt like I couldn’t go on. This gave me hope and even more of a sense of accomplishment, that what I was doing WAS a big deal and that it wasn’t nothing. – Jenna Rodriguez

3. This opportunity has enriched my life, the life of my family, and the lives of the students that I work with. I went into education to make a difference, and your award has given me the opportunity to do just that. – Annette Sisler

Vanessa with her daughter

4. I have overcome a troublesome youth, [but] I push to inspire my daughter along the way knowing she will face difficulties of her own. We are strong women making our place in the world! – Vanessa Ruiz

5. Women empowering women, at that crucial moment, was what uplifted me and made me feel validated and recognized for my hard work and determination. – Ivy Gordon

6. The live your dream award gave meaning to the past choices I made and gave me more motivation to keep growing and working hard. -Jenna Schmidt

7. I had recently escaped from my abuser and my main goal was to protect, provide, and inspire my children’s lives. The Live Your Dream Award gave me confidence and reassurance that I was on the right path to achieving these goals. – Roxanne Rosales

8. I was so unsure about starting school at the age of 42, with 7 kids and homeless due to domestic violence… [But] I am committed to work through anything that has come my way to show perseverance as my form of absolute gratitude. -Erica D.

Georgina and her family

9. I want to be a way to motivate people, to not give up no matter what. Yes, HARD times come, even after good ones. But those moments are the ones we learn from. – Georgina Casanova

10. Even though my past was dark my future is so bright. – Wilnisha Sutton

We are so thankful that these amazing women are living their dreams! They inspire us every day and we hope their words can be an inspiration to you as well.

How can I support survivors?

If helping survivors of abuse back on their feet is something you’re passionate about, petition your senators to sign the Violence Against Women Act


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