Celebrate UN Day on October 24

October 24 commemorates the day the United Nations formed to join countries around a common cause of peace, prosperity, and positive change.

Soroptimist/LiveYourDream.org proudly supports the United Nations’ mission and goals. In 2015, the UN put forth a new agenda called the Sustainable Development Goals. It is a blueprint to achieving an even better, more sustainable future for all.  

We help elevate the United Nations’ aims by advancing progress on a number of these Sustainable Development Goals through our global Dream Programs, including:  

Goal 1. End Poverty 

Goal 4. Quality Education 

Goal 5. Gender Equality 

Goal 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 

Goal 10. Reduce Inequality 

Whether it’s helping women increase their standard of living by obtaining education and better paying jobs, or providing career guidance to vulnerable teen girls, we’re supporting these women and girls on the path to lifelong empowerment. And when women and girls are able to participate in society to the fullest, that leads to better outcomes across every single UN Sustainable Development Goal. 

As supporters of Soroptimist/LiveYourDream.org, you know the power of dreams. We’ve seen what can happen when you invest in a woman’s education so she can lift her family out of poverty. We’ve seen how a gift of encouragement can ignite success from the spark of a young girl’s dream.

Through our charitable gifts and volunteer service, we’ve helped build a world where women and girls can enjoy more equality and access to better life outcomes than ever before.

And we can do more. Because we are problem-solvers and change-makers. 

Through our combined efforts this United Nations Day, we can achieve our goal of helping make the dreams of half a million more women and girls come true!

With our hearts and minds fixed on our common purpose, there is nothing we cannot do!