Support Survivors Like Mai, a Live Your Dream Award Recipient

At the time it was so dark. The Live Your Dream Award came as the light inside the tunnel—before I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Mai, 2019 Live Your Dream Awards Recipient 


“I’m originally from Egypt. I moved to the US in March 2017. I got married seven years ago and had three kids through this marriage. My ex-husband was violent. I became a victim of domestic violence shortly after we immigrated because I tried for the first time to stand up for myself and for my kids. 

Pregnant with my third child, I found myself facing language, cultural, and financial barriers after my ex-husband just left the country. Yet, I have always had a dream of being self-sufficient and able to provide for my kids, as well as giving them real-life examples of resistance, perseverance and how with faith, sincerity, and hard work we can change our present for a better future.” 

Many women are struggling like Mai was. They are facing incredible obstacles and yet they continue to strive and dream of a better life for them and their families. The Live Your Dream Awards exist to help these women make their dreams come true! 

“It was such an honor and a great recognition. It was my first scholarship in my whole entire life. I still have all the recognition certificates that I received that day. I keep looking at them with my eyes in tears. Your recognition came to me at the right time to tap on my shoulders and give me the joy and hope I needed. At the time it was so dark. The Live Your Dream award came as the light inside the tunnel –  before I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.” 

 Although it’s important to celebrate Mai and all the women and girls we’ve helped, we cannot forget about the millions of others who still need our help. 

Despite efforts to improve the status of women and girls, they are still chronically disadvantaged in many areas of their lives. In every country, women and girls continue to face gender inequality, discrimination, violence, violation of their human rights, and lack of empowerment. 

But through our combined efforts, we can achieve our goal of helping make the dreams of half a million more women and girls come true!

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