The Impact of Dream It, Be It Programs

The Impact

Since the launch of the Dream It, Be It program in 2014, over 98,000 girls have participated in programs across 15 countries. In 2021-2022 alone, our volunteers hosted 269 projects that reached 11,667 girls across the 17,758 volunteer hours that went into putting these excellent programs on.

The numbers only tell part of the story of Dream It, Be It. The impact of this incredible program is truly seen in the increased confidence and determination in the girls who participate in Dream It, Be It! Here are just a few examples of how the program changed their outlooks!

“It is important to be yourself and you can accomplish anything if you believe in yourself, even if it doesn’t go according to the plan.

“I loved the whole idea of empowering us. They made us feel like no matter our background or situation, we can make it. We can become something successful.”

“I was introduced to career paths and role models that changed and were flexible in ways that I didn’t know possible.”

What’s Dream, It Be It?

Although all girls face barriers because of their gender, we prioritize working with girls who have additional obstacles including poverty, unstable home lives, living in foster care, or teen motherhood. Soroptimist clubs work in partnership with girls in small groups or a conference setting to provide them with the information and resources they want and need to be successful.

There When It Matters Most

By reaching girls while they are still young, we not only can help them stay healthy and safe in the short term, but we can reduce the number of women in crisis in the future. Putting them on a path will help them realize their dreams.

Topics We Cover

  • Career opportunities
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Overcoming obstacles to success
  • Moving forward after setbacks or failures

With a donation of $25 you can help one girl participate in Dream It, Be It!