Make Dreams Come True for International Women’s Day

Barbara and Rosemarie are long-time volunteers for the organization that powers

Tomorrow, March 8, they will join fellow volunteers, supporters, and advocates to commemorate International Women’s Day!

It is their deep honor and privilege to present you all with an exciting giving challenge—every gift given in honor of International Women’s Day, we are going to match penny for penny, up to $16,000!

This is an exciting opportunity for us to help so many women and girls in need reach their full potential—women like Kelsen…

“I am a survivor of domestic violence. In 2018, my two young children and I left our home in San Diego and moved across the Pacific Ocean to Maui, where I’m originally from, with three suitcases, two car seats, and very little money to my name. I knew that even though I would have to start over in every way, it would be worth it in the end to watch my children grow up in a positive and healthy environment.
“Once my family was settled in our new home, I had a deep, nagging desire to go back to school for nearly a decade before I finally returned. This desire grew stronger over the years as I watched my children grow – I knew I wanted to be a great role model for them and show them that even with tough obstacles in life, anything is possible with perseverance.
“But, finances were a challenge. While scouring the internet for scholarships and grants to be able to attend college as an adult, I found the Live Your Dream Awards opportunity. I was hesitant to share my story at first, but I’m so happy that I did.”

Your gift of $50 or more could be doubled today and you can help us reach our goal. Please accept Barbara and Rosemarie’s International Women’s Day invitation. They will joyfully match every gift up to $16,000!
Together, you and people around the globe can make twice the difference and make double the dreams come true for women like Kelsen.
Here’s to an Impactful International Women’s Day!