Paying it Forward to Single Moms for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special day to honor and celebrate the love, sacrifice, and resilience of mothers. It is a time to appreciate the dedication of all mothers who work tirelessly to raise and nurture their children despite the challenges and obstacles they face. Soroptimist knows the value of mothers better than most. A global organization powered by women, they serve thousands of single moms through their Live Your Dream Awards program and invest in their empowerment through education. These moms’ tales of courage, perseverance and selfless love are some of the most inspiring stories you’ll ever hear. This Mother’s Day, LiveYourDream.Org/Soroptimist want to pay it forward for single moms.

Women and Poverty 

Single moms are true heroes, but their lives aren’t easy. Raising kids with little support is not just mentally exhausting, but financially challenging. According to the Women’s Legal Defense and Education Fund, women are still 35% more likely than men to be poor, with single mothers facing the greatest risk of all. 

Single mothers often do not have the resources to escape the cycle of poverty. The Pew Research Center recently reported that 80% of single moms lack a college degree, limiting their access to well-paying jobs. But getting a degree requires expensive childcare and sacrificing time on the job (which means less income). It’s a catch-22. That’s why upward mobility seems so difficult for single moms. Single moms shouldn’t have to decide between affording childcare and an education.

Education is a Game Changer

As a single mother, Kimberly faced domestic violence, homelessness, and chronic poverty. She worked minimum wage jobs to survive. Kimberly dreamed of a better life for herself and her daughter. After years of struggling, Kimberly decided to go back to school to make a better life for herself and her daughter.

Through our Live Your Dream Awards, which helped her tuition and childcare costs, Kimberly was able to transform her life, becoming the first person in her family to graduate college! Now, Kimberly works as an educator, has a stable home, and can make sure her daughter never has to face the same hardships she did. Her success is an inspiring example of what can happen when we invest in moms.

A Mother’s Day Gift That Helps Moms

This Mother’s Day, join us and honor amazing mothers everywhere. By supporting education for one mom today, you are providing life-changing support for generations to follow. What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day?

This Mother’s Day, you can provide single moms access to education. Every dollar you give will directly help women, like Kimberly, reach their educational goals so they can provide for themselves and their families.

Your donation this Mother’s Day will help struggling moms offset the costs of groceries, childcare, transportation, or school costs, empowering them to pursue their education and career goals. When you help a mom in need you are empowering her children and her community as well.

Sign a Card with Your Wishes for Live Your Dream Awards Recipients!

Sign our digital “Happy Mother’s Day” card to our Live Your Dream Awards recipients! Their commitment to furthering their education while caring for their children deserves to be celebrated!