8 Inspiring Quotes on Personal Transformation

personal transformation inspiring quotes

If you’re anything like me, you know what it feels like to go through a personal transformation. Everyone has a period in life that they look back on and can pinpoint as a time of individual learning, loss, revival or new beginnings. Some personal transformations are more pleasant than others. Although, when you reflect on those experiences afterwards—sometimes years later—you understand the exact transformation that was taking place. You see that you’re a better person because of it. Often you feel grateful that it happened.

However, when you’re actually in the midst of a personal transformation, there’s no better feeling than being understood. That moment when someone knows the exact emotion you’re trying to convey in words? Priceless. When you meet someone who’s already been in your shoes and can give you some honest, relatable advice? Priceless again.

For me, I’m currently in a life phase of what is often called coming into your own. This type of “growing up” typically takes place in a person’s twenties (as is the case with me). But I honestly believe this can happen at any point in someone’s life, young or old.

Speaking from my own personal experience so far, I find it to be a time of uncharted independence, both emotionally and mentally. You begin to truly find and know yourself and build your self-reliance in a way you haven’t done before. You’re progressively evolving into a truer, better version of who you are. You begin to tap into your sense of self in a way that makes you feel stronger, more beautiful, more resilient and empowered. You start to become the hero of your own story in the best way possible.

Although this personal transformation has been a much needed, gratifying feeling for me so far, that’s not to say there aren’t moments of insecurity or days of doubt. Change, even if in a positive direction, has its challenges. But there’s a sense of peace and contentment knowing that this transformation is for the good, now and in the long run.

As the journey continues, yours and mine, here are some quotes that exude the sense of understanding we all need sometimes for inspiration, empowerment and confidence as we grow beautifully through the process of coming into our own.


Kiara Hall is a proud millennial and a firm believer in the power of storytelling to share knowledge, inspire ideas, and foster change. Passionate about the discussion of social, economic, and political issues on a national and global scale—especially those relating to women and girls—she’s a blossoming writer that aspires to create meaningful content to contribute to that space.

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  1. I am going through the exact same thing and I really feel you and understand you, it’s a beautiful feeling, painful, but what’s you are becoming is more beautiful that the pain becomes enjoyable too !

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