Expert Tips on Dealing With Job Search Depression

Dealing with the frustrations of job searching can get people down in even the best of times. But in uncertain economic conditions like we are currently experiencing, many people are experiencing the depression and anxiety that comes along with searching for a job.

It’s normal to have intense and changing moods when you have recently become unemployed, especially when your career is closely linked to your identity. You may feel that your job search is tied to your self-worth, and until those parts are in place, you may feel insecure and incomplete. 

Whether you’re looking to change career paths or find a gig in the same industry, it’s important to maintain your mental health and wellbeing during these frustrating times. Methods like meditation and journaling can help you channel your frustration and express yourself without beating yourself up.

According to the Mayo Clinic, COVID-related unemployment can lead to feelings like losing your sense of purpose, anxiety about your health and safety, and jealousy towards others that are still working. However, it’s important to remember that these feelings are normal. Roxane Cohen Silver, Ph.D., says that “it’s important to acknowledge that this uncertainty is stressful, and the feelings you are experiencing are a normal reaction to our new normal.”

If you’re struggling with the uncertainty of the job search, know you’re not alone. Check out Resume-Now’s infographic on how to deal with job search depression to learn healthy coping methods for the frustration of job searching during COVID-19.

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